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Team Training
& Personalized


Integrative Leadership Training &

1 on 1 Personalized Mentorship With Alana 

For busy professionals looking to transform their success into increased and lasting satisfaction in the areas that matter.  


Q: Why Activate A “Pay As You Go” Session W/ Alana? 

Reason 1: Because one-on-one time w/ Alana is valuable and she doesn’t give away her workshops or time for free.

*You shouldn’t either. 😉

Reason 2: If you are feeling unsatisfied or overwhelmed in your career, or current role, it’s likely because (somewhere along the way) you bought into someone else’s plan. 

- Who told you that you had to work around the clock to be successful?

- Who told you that you have to shut your mouth and swallow what they are telling you?

- Or that you have to chase the social media algorithms to get what you really want. 


Reason 3: Satisfying and rewarding careers are determined by how well we balance our hard skills and soft (leadership skills.) Sadly, 90% of people today in the “corporate grind” are over-indexed on hard skills and uninformed on true executive leadership and team-building skills and it shows.

It simply wasn’t taught to many of us growing up and it takes a lifetime to master.  No need to feel shame or judgment, but it is a problem that gets to be solved if you seek a greater level of satisfaction, freedom and leverage. 

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Alana is available for public speaking events and workshops. To learn more, email us at

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