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Hi, I'm Alana!

I would like to invite you to consider how my 15 years of experience in team building, event coordinating and social media direction will help you in your business.

Are you ready for a profitable social media and events calendar?

FACT: Your social media and events return on investment should be trackable to the penny!

“Alana is a diamond in the rough.” 

-Dr. Tiff Johnson, Healing Touch Chiropractic

 West Fargo, ND, USA


Building a widely recognized brand that naturally attracts great customers is a time-driven process that happens over a period of months and years. This process can be accelerated with a profitable social media and events calendar.

[Your Social Media & Events Calendar Should Pay You! ~ Not The Other Way Around!]

With 15 years in the social media and events business, I’ve proven one of the fastest ways to drive revenue, achieve healthy profit margins and brand awareness is a combination strategy of events (virtual or in person) and a compelling, but straightforward social media strategy. 

Your business likely already has the “key elements” for the next level success you are reaching for.

In most cases, we just have to share what you already know in a more compelling way!


Are you ready for a session with Alana?

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